High-quality fully editable Revit objects

BIM Math Objects

Design and develop your projects faster, test more options, and never worry about warnings and errors by using our fully parametric and high-quality Revit families.

We use mathematical formulas while carefully curating all of our content so that you have unlimited design options with each object.

Why use BIM Math Objects

Accelerate the design process

Our intelligent objects adapt to your project needs and allow you to quickly place, edit, and assemble any part of your project.

Improve your drawings

Simply place a BIM Math object and create beautiful 2D and 3D drawings without having to draw extra lines and geometries.

Work with light and clean models

We create BIM Math families with a minimal number of geometries and include only the parameters and data you need.

We’ve got you covered

We make our content adaptable and customizable to meet your needs. We work alongside you through the process, listening to feedback and providing exceptional customer care to ensure that we reach your desired outcome. Additionally, our team can edit and add unique parameters that will work to meet the needs of your projects.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Aside from our content library, which is constantly growing, we accept custom orders. Get in touch with our team and we will ensure you get the right object and parameters for your project in a timely manner.